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Adult Education & Empowerment

Sexuality. Gender. Pleasure. Connection. Wellbeing.

New! Burlesque Basics class starting 1/21/19 at The Center Method! 8:30-9:30PM for 6 Mondays. Burlesque is a versatile art form that communicates sensuality and erotic power, builds self-esteem, connects you to your sensual energy, and cultivates desire with intentionality. Sign up today! Drop ins welcome. Bring a Friend!

I am an educator, author, and coach. I design workshops and trainings that catalyze radical change for individuals and groups.

My clients are: organizations that want top-notch training in gender inclusivity, consent culture, and LGBTQ issues; couples and individuals who want to enhance their sexual expression and sensation; colleges and universities with Gender, Queer, or Women's studies departments; community groups who want some adult sex education; writing groups that need more embodiment in their narratives, and more. 

I earned my PhD in Creative Writing, Literature, and Gender Studies from the University of Southern California. I also have a Bachelor's in psychology and a Master of Fine Arts in writing. I have worked in the sex industries for 20 years. I write and teach on a variety of sexuality-related topics, from sex workers' rights to polyamory, creating healthy boundaries, kinky skills, and more. 

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My 2010 novel about a sex educator finding her way in Los Angeles. For a hard copy,  contact me!   Or get it for your Kindle!

My 2010 novel about a sex educator finding her way in Los Angeles. For a hard copy, contact me! Or get it for your Kindle!




Based in Los Angeles, CA

Travel options available


Workshops, Classes & Coaching

Here are a few examples of my successful programs. All workshops & classes can be tailored to your group,community, or school. My work is always LGBTQIA* inclusive, trauma-informed, sex-positive, body-positive, and grounded in intersectional analysis. I also offer coaching services for small groups, couples, or one-on-one.  

Sensuality Wellness

For women in relationships or single! Co-taught with Jennifer Musselman, LMFT. Build body confidence, learn effective communication skills through joyful play, dance and group therapy and draw-in a new or current partner for fun and intimacy.

Lust for power: dominance for women

For women, kinky couples, curious groups. This workshop is designed to uncover and cultivate each participant’s inner dominant. Learn about the world of BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism). Identify what makes the Top in you tick, and step into your own lust for power in a safe group. Pick up new skills in scene negotiation and sensation play. Great for beginners and more experienced players, too.

understanding sex work and human trafficking

For college classes, therapist offices, social workers, and others interested in how the new movement to end human trafficking is having unintended deleterious effects on vulnerable populations. An introduction to the global sex workers' rights movement, and how allies and people in helping professions here at home can interact more supportively with sex workers and their clients. Available as a guest lecture or a part-time academic appointment that requires semester-length syllabi.

queer studies: theory & writing

For Womens', Gender, & Queer Studies programs at the college level. Can be adapted for writing groups or individual authors. I engage students in the history of the LGBTQIA* movements in the U.S., encourage reflection through reading and writing exercises. Available as a guest lecture or a part-time academic appointment that requires semester-length syllabi. 

Pleasure as resistance: Sexual self care and social justice

For activists and organizations. Co-taught with Tristan Taormino and Jamila Dawson, LMFT. We explore the repressive systems that keep us separate from our own bodies and demonstrate how sexual self care can be a path toward healing, wholeness, and power. We share tools to bring more embodiment, communication, pleasure, and resilience into our lives. Sexual self care is key to healthy relationships, and healthy relationships are key to effective group organizing. Let’s reimagine self care to include our sexuality. Let’s create new, sustainable paradigms for pleasure that support and expand our capacity to show up for social justice.

One-on-one coaching sessions

For anyone who desires growth, change, transformation, and expansion of their capacity to connect, feel pleasure, and love their life. I offer coaching in person or on Skype, and may use hands-on methods that are not available in traditional therapy. At times, everyone struggles with gender and sexuality. The key is empowerment toward authentic expression. I can help you break through old patterns and align your behavior with your values.  


Our visions begin with our desires.
— Audre Lorde


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